The complete Lilith trilogy by Kim ten Tusscher (Bound in Darkness, Broken in twilight and Born in light)

€ 45,00 (inclusief btw)

Flaptekst Bound in Darkness:

Lilith, a young and rare dragon changer, was stolen by the uncompromising prophet Kasimirh when she was a baby. The prophet aims to convert the world to the faith of Jacob and does not shy from bloody war to achieve his goal. Kasimirh uses Lilith as a tool of mass destruction to terrorise his enemies into submission. When Lilith, after years of indoctrination, begins to apprehend the scale and gruesomeness of the acts she commited in the name of Jacob, she decides to flee. But Kasimirh does not allow her to end the twisted relationship between master and servant so easily... WHO CAN YOU TRUST, IF YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE WEAPON? In the first book in the Lilith trilogy, 'Bound in Darkness', the fugitive Lilith is captured and put to work in the palace of the king of Merzia. Her relatively peaceful days are over when Ferhdessar, the court magician and advisor to the king, realises who and what she really is. He intends to use Lilith as a weapon against her former master, his archrival Kasimirh, who is about to attack and invade Merzia with his army. But can the cold, aloof Ferhdessar be trusted?